Exciting Island Adventures for Kids

St. George Island will never run out of exciting activities for children. Parents don’t have to worry about their children getting bored if they want to do other things like shopping, going to the museum or if they want to go scuba diving in the nearby islands. In other words, they can have a few hours of some leisure time while their children are being entertained by professionals. 

“Kids Only Trips” are available almost all year round. Just take note that some adventures have age minimums. Different activities are scheduled per day such as Dolphin Encounter, an activity allowing children 5 years and up to hop on a boat, learn about dolphin habitat and watch the dolphins closely at play. Kids who want to learn how to fish can opt for the Kid’s Fishing Adventure. In addition, those who want to try out new water sports can avail of a beginner’s lessons on kayaking. Educational trips for kids to learn about the ecosystem and marine life are also offered. One such trip is the Creature Feature adventure wherein kids take a powerboat and learn how to cast nets, catch and identify marine creature and release them back to their natural environment. Environmental kids’ camps are also offered for education on marine science, ecosystem and biodiversity.

All these activities will surely give the kids a fun and educational experience. They become aware of how to care for the ecosystem, learn how to fish or kayak. They can make new friends. Lastly, they can share these wonderful experiences with their parents and have one of the best summers ever.