Gifts from the Sea

My fondest memories during my week-long vacation at St. George Island this summer was the time I spent beachcombing the clean white sand beaches with my 9-year old daughter and 7-year old son. Even though we went during the peak season, there weren’t too much people flocking the island so we had a stretch of uncrowded coast to do lots of shelling with less competition for sea treasures from other tourists. 

sgi shellingAfter waiting for the high tide to recede, we started beachcombing equipped with our mini plastic spades and buckets and found different kinds of seashells, some old bottles, colored sea glass and other man-made objects. We didn’t take live shells and animals of course.  We explored other remote parts of the island such as Cape St. George and St. Vincent and photographed sand crabs and starfish along our way. 

Today, we have a shell jar full of different shell shapes displayed in our terrace to remind us of the fantastic time we had at St. George Island. I read after our trip that St. George Island is one the best shelling beaches on Florida’s panhandle since it is a barrier island. My kids and I are definitely looking forward to another trip next year for more delightful activities at the beach.