Beach Bridal Shower

My friends and I had a blast at St. George Island in Florida. We were supposed to have a surprise birthday shower for our best friend at another friend’s house but because some of us wanted to have it in a beach location, we decided at the last-minute to reserve a vacation home at St. George Island and have the shower there. The location was suggested by my sister-in-law who frequently goes there for vacations. 

It was a 2.5 hour road trip from Havana, Georgia to St. George Island. We rented a 3 bedroom beach view vacation home and the seven of us stayed over the weekend. We were delighted that the concierge of St. George Island Vacation Properties accommodated all our requests to make the shower a very memorable event.  

First we pampered our bride-to-be with a three-hour in-house spa treatment and then we had a beach-theme menu dinner that the concierge prepared. The advantage of staying at a vacation home was that the ambience was terrific because it was located directly on the beach and the open porch allowed the easy flow of the gulf breeze. Having the big venue to ourselves enabled us to go crazy with the games, drinking and dancing. Overall, we were able to make the last bachelorette days of the bride some of the best times of her life.