Fishing While On Vacation At St. George Island

There’s plenty of clear emerald waters outside the beaches of St. George Island to allow you to catch your own fish! Isn’t that exciting for you? While you’re on an island vacation, you cannot deny the thrill of fishing, whether you’re young or old. If you’d like to get an idea how to fish for certain species like the Sheepshead, trout or redfish, then you have to understand some fishing basics and get the fundamental gears needed before you sail out to sea. First, you need to select the area to fish your favorite specie, which in this case, are the Gulf waters of Mexico. Get some bait like fiddler crabs or live shrimps but even fresh dead bait will do. Then put some weight on that bait using a triangle slider lead. Live bait will work best for redfish but even drift fish will chomp on live bait when they can.

Next, know what to avoid when you go fishing. Do not go to that part where the bay is flooded with rain. If you’re looking for speckled trout, you can catch them regularly around. If you’re looking for the Atlantic variety of Sheepshead, then you better get ready for a different style of catching it. This type can be mainly found in the Mexican Gulf waters and these are good eating creatures that feed on crustaceans. They got a hard mouth with a tough grinding surface that lines it. The bait to use is the fiddler crab, which is one of their favorites. Look for some piling structures like rocks or piers and jetties since they love to stay there and crack on hard food like oysters and barnacles. When they see a crab on bait, then they’d surely love to nibble on that! Then you can prepare to take action and snag your biggest Sheepshead!

When you feel that there’s pressure from your line, don’t play too hard so you’ll not be left wondering what happened to your bait. Keep lifting the rod tip and reel faster to increase pressure. This will encourage the fish to move a little faster also and may get the inside of the mouth exposed. Time to make the quick maneuver; this will be the best moment to catch the Sheepshead. But how do you know the right timing? You have to practice fishing for this fish and spend some time in St. George Island to master the art of fishing.

Come and fish at St. George Island, Florida.