Sun Protection Tips

Beach Gear UmbrellaA golden tan is indeed enviable but what you do not know is the damage it does to the skin without protective sunscreen. Melanoma skin cancers are on the rise because of the depletion of the ozone layer so people constantly exposed to the sun and especially those who are planning to hit the beach must bring sunscreens with at least 20 or 30 SPF. Most sunscreens only protect the skin from UVB rays (burning) but do not contain chemicals that shield UVA rays responsible for wrinkling and loss of elasticity. Look for sunscreens that also have zinc and titanium oxide for UVA protection.   

Sunscreens with higher SPF values add little benefit and only build up exposure to other sunscreen chemicals. An SPF of 30 is sufficient. It means that you have protection of 30 times more than the usual amount of time a normal person gets burned without sunscreen. After that amount of time, you must reapply all over again. If you are in the water, reapply more often.  

Sun protection doesn’t end in protecting the skin. You also have to protect your eyes and lips. Make sure your sunglasses block UV rays and HEV rays. Choose large lenses or wraparound style and wear a hat to reinforce protection. Lastly, bring a lip care product with sunscreen that is waterproof. Reapply as often as you can.

Alternatively, getting the right beach gear can also help if you wish to stay a little bit longer on the beach. You can always cool down under a wide beach umbrella and feel the warm sunshine without getting directly hit by it.