A Game of Beach Frisbee

When you are looking for something else to do during your beach vacation, invite your friends or family members to a game of frisbee. There is a different kind of rush when you play ultimate Frisbee on sand. Even if it is a non-contact sport, it has a lot of spectacle and dynamism involved. Players should be flexible so they can execute catches at any angles. Leaping capacity is a big advantage, as well as ability to make decisions quickly.   

For beginners, practice makes perfect. Ultimate frisbee may seem simple but you have to learn the basics when tossing a frisbee in a correct angle and speed, reading the direction of the disc and catching it without hurting yourself should you extend your muscles too much or have to use the sand to cushion your fall.      

In playing the game, it’s your call to have a friendly freestyle match or to implement the rules strictly. If you opt for the latter, check the rules of play at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultimate_(sport). Try your hand on a game of frisbee for an interesting alternative to the usual beach activities.