A Birder’s Paradise

Florida is home to diverse bird species because of its unique blend of tropical and temperate climate and abundant habitats. Rare creatures such as the Florida burrowing owl, limpkins, snail kite and different wading birds make up some of the bird population of Florida.

Some birds can also be seen during different seasons.  During spring and summer, migratory birds like mangrove cuckoos and yellow-tailed kites come to the area to nurture their offspring. In the fall, birdwatchers can spot hawks, falcons and kestrels make their way to their winter homes in South America.

birding trailThe great Florida Birding Trail, a program of various wildlife conservation foundations, provides enthusiastic birders the perfect sites for bird viewing. There is a 2000 mile driving tour, highlighting more than 400 birding locations and ecosystems for bird watching and bird education. Aside from driving, you can go hiking, biking or boating for better observation. Trail guides are available to provide information on what birds to keep an eye on and what to expect on each birding site. In Florida’s Panhandle region, St. George Island State Park and St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge are two excellent areas for thrilling bird encounters.