4th Annual Oyster Spat Festival

St. George Island’s Oyster Spat Festival will take place on October 9, 2009 (Friday) to October 11, 2009 (Sunday). This unique festival highlights once again the famous seafood industry and coastal resort area of St. George Island during another delightful season besides summer. 

How does any oyster spat develop you might ask? Oyster spats are baby oysters which may turn into male or female depending on salt and water temperature. An oyster sheds about a million eggs and the fertilized eggs float 7-18 days before settling. Despite its small size, each larva has a tiny shell with muscle and a foot. After the swimming stage, the larva’s foot lengthens and it then affixes itself on any object. These are now known as oyster spats. The shells develop as soon as oyster spats are secured into place. 

Bring your whole family to this festival! You and your kids will enjoy activities such as treasure hunting, onshore fishing tournaments, kayak race, 5K race, food fest, parade and live musical entertainment of Jim Morris from 7-10 pm on October 10. Oyster Spat Parade will start at 11 am, Saturday while the Treasure Hunt activity will happen all day Saturday. The venue for the 5K race is St. George Island State Park from 8 am to 10 am. 

Proceeds will be given to the St. George Island Lighthouse and other local non-profit organizations. This event is gaining popularity so beachgoers who plan to visit the beach are advised to book as early as possible.